When choosing a real estate professional, get to know their history!

Below, you'll find information that will help you get to know the Family Team better, based on some of the testimonials, awards and/or credentials we've received.  

We consider the satisfaction of our past clients to be our greatest achievement.   And we take pride in our repeat business and referrals.  

Below is a non-exhaustisve list of some of our client's feedback to date: 


"We really enjoyed dealing with Rick and the rest of the team.  They were thoroughly professional from the start (when we first met with them, they supplied us with a folder of comparable properties) to the finish (we have never had such a clear explanation of the terms of Offer).   If we asked a question they couldn't answer, tehy got the information quickly.  And we never felt like we were imposing, all the way through the process.   It was like dealing with friends."     -  K.B. (Winnipeg)

"Yes a true stastement has never been told.*   I know I put my trust in the green team and got such wonderful resutls.  Never been happier because of the three wonderful caring people.   So go ahead and put your trust in them........you will not regret it."    - J.V. (Winnipeg).

     *referencing Evergreen's social media post:   "Whether buying or selling your home or recreational property, you can trust that the transaction is completed competently and professionally.   Don't worry about the details, let your Family Team take care of you!"


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